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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have loaded some frequently asked questions which will helpfully answer any intial queries about using our products. If you can’t find a solution to your question please get in touch with us.

How Does Spik and Span Work?

Spik and Span Spray and Forget contains a powerful antibacterial active ingredient that attacks the root structure and kills the spores of the biomass it comes into contact with. Its active ingredient is a strong antibacterial often found in medical cleaning products, antiperspirants and mouthwash products. Once the biomass dies ,the rain and wind erode the dead matter away from the structure or substrate leaving the surface clean.

Depending on the type of contamination it may take 6-8 months for black and red mould and 8-12 months for Lichen to completely disappear.

Should I buy Spray and Forget or Hypo Clean to treat my moss, mould and algae?

Spik and Span Spray and Forget is a milder and slower acting mold removal products that requires no work just spray and forget. It is non-caustic and is also longer lasting. Its active ingredient works to kill off the cells of the biomass.

Hypo clean however is a strong bleach and will soften the moss ,mould or algae and allow you to brush or pressure wash off giving an instant and effective result. Needs to be used with care and diluted correctly for the surface being used on. Eye protection recommended. The regrowth of moss mould and algae is much quicker than Spray and Forget as it does not kill all the spores .

It is caustic and part of the chlorite family of chemicals.

What is the difference between a 5 litre bottle and a 2 litre Turbo?

The 5 litre of the Spray and Forget and Hypo Clean and the 2 litre Turbos contain the same amount of active ingredient but the 2 litre is more concentrated and has a hose attachment with a chemical mixer that is set to apply at the required ratio.

The 5 litre bottles need to be diluted and sprayed accordingly.

Both products will spray between 150m2 -300m2 depending on variables.

What does cost per diluted litre mean?

Cost per diluted litre is the true cost of any brand of exterior cleaner once it has been diluted to its recommended strength.

For example;

  • A 5 litre of Spik and Span  Spray and Forget costs NZD$60 and makes 55 litres – $65 divided by 55 litres gives a cost of 1.09 cents per litre.
  • A 5 Litre of Wet and Forget costs NZD$99 and makes 30 litres – $99 divided by 30 litres gives a cost of $3.30 per litre.
Is Spray and Forget available to buy in a store near me?

No, Spik and Span Spray and Forget is only available on-line or by phone order so that we can supply at Wholesale rates

It can be picked up from Westgate, Auckland by arrangement – Phone 0800 88 1123 prior to collection.

Courier delivery is usually on the next working day in Auckland and North Island and in 2 to 3 days in the South Island.

Rural delivery can add one day to delivery time.

Will Spik and Span Spray and Forget kill my plants?

No, Spik and Span Spray and Forget will not kill plants if used carefully by avoiding direct spray onto foliage. In some cases it may cause minor spot damage to the leaves of delicate plants. If in doubt, rinse the leaves off with water before spraying and then repeat after.

What is the coverage rate of Spik and Span Spray and Forget?

When used on concrete or similar porous surfaces, the coverage will vary from 2 to 4 m2  per litre.

A 5 L bottle will cover 150 to 300 m2.

When used on Coloursteel or similar smooth, painted surfaces, the coverage will be 4 to 8 m2 per litre so a 5 L bottle of concentrate will cover 200 to 400 m2

If the moss or lichen growths are thick and heavy, the spread rate will be reduced.

If application is carried out on a hot day, the spread rate will also be reduced due to rapid evaporation.

Will Spik and Span Spray and Forget harm my pets if I clean my paths and deck?

Spik and Span Spray and Forget is ok to use around pets providing some basic precautions are taken.

Remove feeding / water bowls,  bedding and toys from the area to be treated, and keep pets off the treated surface until it dries.

Do not feed pets on the treated surface until it has been flushed by rain.

How long is the shelf life?

Unlimited when kept in a closed container – whether diluted or undiluted.

How long will it take to clean up the surface I have treated?

Concrete surfaces with light to moderate growth will take 2 to 4 months to clean up. Other surfaces will take from 3 to 12 months to clean up.

The amount of growth, the type and condition of the substrate, and the level of rain the surface is exposed to will all affect clean up time.

When Spik and Span Spray and Forget is used to maintain a previously treated surface that is starting to show the first signs of regrowth, clean-up is rapid, with noticeable improvement in 2 to 3 days in many situations.

When is the best time to apply Spik and Span Spray and Forget?

Any time of year is suitable provided the ambient temperature is above 10° Celsius. Warmer temperatures will increase the bio-cidal activity of Spik and Span Spray and Forget and lead to a faster clean-up.

When using a garden sprayer to apply Spik and Span Spray and Forget, the best application time is early morning because evaporation is reduced. The treated surface will stay wet for longer, providing a better clean-up.

I collect rain water for drinking and household use from my roof, is Spik and Span Spray and Forget safe to use?

Yes, Spik and Span Spray and Forget has been in commercial use for over 10 years, including on roofs that collect drinking water.

The collection tank will need to be disconnected before application, and stay off for 2 to 4 weeks (including at least one day of rain) depending on the roof substrate.

Porous concrete roofs will take longer to flush clean than Coloursteel.

You will still be able to draw water from the tank for household use during this disconnection period.

Before reconnecting the tank check the water coming off the roof during rain. The water should have no smell or frothing. If smell or frothing is present, refrain from reconnecting the tank until the run-off water is clean.

Will Spik and Span Spray and Forget clean my timber decks?


Timber decks can take some extra work to cleanup, but if treated regularly every 6 to 12  months they will stay clean. Two to three coats are usually required; if the growth is heavy, agitating the wet deck with a yard broom and hose after 2 to 3 months will assist in clean-up. This will return the deck to its natural timber colour.

After some weathering a hardwood deck will regain the silver colour.

Regular applications of Spik and Span  Spray and Forget will keep it free of growth and help retain the silver weathered appearance.

Will Spik and Span Spray and Forget remove moss from my lawn?

Yes it will!

Firstly lightly water the lawn but not enough to saturate the moss. Do this late in the day when the sun is low so that evaporation is kept to a minimum.

Dilute Spray and Forget 15 parts water to 1 part Spray and Forget and spot spray the moss. You may have to repeat until you have it under control. At worst you may get slight burning on the grass but it will recover very quickly. Rake the dead moss out. Then sprinkle lime over the total area to ensure a good regrowth.

Roof Treatment

"Hi Henry, Your product has quite frankly outdone anything I have previously used. Your email has prompted me to have another closer look on my roof just now and since I last applied the Moss and Lichen Slayer late May last year I can’t find any noticeable patches. That's the first time I have achieved that result in that time period. I still have another container to get through but it’s probably not enough to finish the roof again though. I should look at grabbing some more really. Regards"

Keith Forlong

Home Maintenance Company

"Just a quick note to let you know I am really pleased with your moss and mould slayer product. I have used for over 6 years and I think its the best product on the market. I dont want to have to go back to an unhappy client so I will stick with what I know gets results !! Thanks"

Pegasus Home Maintenance

Saved us time and money

"We are owners of a motel complex and we have used various products over the past 15 years. We discovered Spik and Span Moss and Mould killer about 5 years ago and we would not change to anything else.We got faster kill rates and slower regrowth.

It costs us nearly half what were paying on other brands."

Taupo, NZ

Nothing has been far more superior than Spik and Span Moss Kill

"I have used Spik and Span Moss Kill on my south side of my house as it is so damp and the moisture is just creating a moss like substance. I don't know much about it really. I used a 5 Litre pack and it cleaned it up within a week. I have used other well advertised products and nothing has been far more superior than Spik Moss Kill. I would certainly recommend it to anyone. Cheers Spik and Span NZ"

Bryan Nigel
Upper Hutt, NZ

Spik and Span is a beauty

"Spik and Span orange cleaner is a beauty. It cleans so well and a good test recently was the stinky tilt a hood filter that was full of oil and grease. Using Spik and Span at 10-1 with water, allowing it soak in and then hosing it off afterwards the oil and grease broke down easily and left the filter looking like brand new. It also left a fresh orange smell in the filter that has lasted for days now."

Auckland, NZ

Moss & Mould Killer on my Pavers

"I used Spik and Span Moss and Mould Killer on my pavers. I am most impressed. 1 week after spraying it is already showing distinct signs of working. I have also sprayed moss in my lawn. Moss has gone a yellow colour and lawn is still green. Good bye to moss and mould forever. So pleased to have found this product."

Timaru, NZ

Fantastic Result

"Just ordering some more Moss and lichen removal product and wished to tell how pleased I am with your product. I have tried nearly everything under the sun to get rid of the lichen on my driveway. We got rid of it within 4 months.We are now going to spray our roof and hope to get a similar result. Fingers crossed."

Rotorua, NZ

I used Spik and Spans Moss and Mould Killer last week

"I used Spik and Spans Moss and Mould Killer last week and sprayed it on everything from my paths to the deck and everything else in reach. Apart from the bits I missed the green gunk has gone, no rain either till tonight , just heavy frosts! I was told it may take a couple of weeks but it has gone in a few days. I am delighted to say the least and have ordered more! I also have used Spik and Span household concentrate cleaner. It cleaned everything it touched!! From the bathroom , to bench tops , my stainless jug, and rubbish bin etc. I am really impressed with Spik and Span's service that I received and would certainly recommend these products to everyone. Cheers Spik and Span."

Dunedin, NZ

Awesome for all areas

"I use Spik and Span for everything around the house. We use it on our drive and paving areas as well as around the pool area which can get slippery. We spray once a year every year and always look forward to the results. Great price and great product guys. Happy for you to use my reference."

Auckland, NZ

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